Effective Gynecomastia Treatment – Choose Your Options

Gynecomastia treatment optionsGynecomastia also known as man breasts or man boobs is an embarrassing affliction that will effect up to 90% of males at some point in their lives.

Men who suffer from this condition often develop a deep sense of shame about their bodies. This can have a serious impact on a man’s confidence and sense of self. An increasing number of men every year are opting for GRS (Gynecomastia Reduction Surgery) in an effort to get rid of their man breasts. Below are some explained effective gynecomastia treatments you need to know:

Gynecomastia Pills

These natural supplements have been developed specifically as a gynecomastia treatment. They are designed to target the fatty cells stored in your chest and will help you shed the pounds faster than diet and exercise alone. These Gynecomastia pills are effective and contain natural fat burners that help to speed up your metabolism and break down chest fat more quickly.

Be aware that some of these pills may do more harm than good and are loaded with stimulants like caffeine. Therefore, it is important to know exactly what is in them and if the ingredients have been approved for use by the FDA. Be aware that some gynecomastia pills can cause side effects, while others have been reported to give little to no benefit in losing chest fat.

Diet and Exercise

The good news is that in the vast majority of cases, losing chest fat will get rid of your man breasts without the need for expensive surgery. Diet and exercise is the cheapest non-surgical gynecomastia treatment in cases where your man breasts have been triggered by obesity. By correcting the hormone imbalance that is thought to cause enlarged men’s breasts, you can greatly reduce the symptoms.

Exercises for gynecomastiaPerforming exercises that focus on your upper chest will help to burn fat and tone your pectorals. By combining chest exercises like the inclined dumbbell press with a healthy diet, you can increase the amount of testosterone in your body. Testosterone is the male growth hormone which is responsible for building muscle. Increasing the amount of this highly anabolic hormone in your body will in turn lower the amount of estrogen. This is the female sex hormone which is believed to be responsible for feminine breasts in men.

Gynecomastia Reduction Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is the last effective option you should consider after you have tried to get rid of your man breasts naturally. This is because any reputable surgeon will recommend that you follow a strict diet and exercise plan both before and after surgery.

While a surgical procedure will provide instant benefits by removing fat and breast tissue, the high cost ($5,000 – $10,000), long recovery time, scarring and the inherent risks of surgery mean this option is best tried after everything else. Gynecomastia surgery is not usually covered by medical insurance due to the fact that it is classified as a cosmetic procedure.

In conclusion, once you have had surgery you will need to adjust your lifestyle to reduce the chances of the problem recurring or another procedure may be required. While surgery might seem like a quick fix, the reality is it is not always permanent and it won’t heal the emotional scars of gynecomastia.

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