The Benefits of Using the Anavar Steroid for Women

Bodybuilding supplements for womenAnavar is a steroid that can be used by men, but it is generally aimed at women. It is an anabolic steroid, and it does the same thing for women that testosterone does for men.

Women do not respond to testosterone in the same way that men do – if they take traditional anabolic steroids then they can experience some unpleasant side effects. Traditional steroids can give a woman a masculine appearance and can also be very harmful to their health, while at the same time offering minimal, if any, performance benefits when taken in small doses.

Women who take Anavar during their off-season, however, experience very few side effects while at the same time enjoying lean bodymass gains. This mildbut effective steroid contains the oxandrolone hormone, which is one that women respond well to. Anavar can help women to get leaner and stronger, and it works well even when women are dieting.

Taking Anavar can help women to hold on to muscle mass while burning fat. As our body weight approaches our ideal weight, our base metabolic rate falls, and this makes it harder to lose fat without reducing our calorie intake even further. Women tend to have a harder time losing fat than men – as women lose weight it tends to come from both body fat and lean body mass. This makes it difficult for women to get that lean, muscular look.

Even women who aren’t aiming to look like professional bodybuilders can benefit from Anavar. Weight class athletes want to be as strong as they possibly can be for their weight class – and someone who has a low body fat percentage will have more muscle mass for their weight than someone of a similar weight carrying more fat. Anavar is ideal for women who are in that position – assuming that it is permitted in the sport that they compete in.

Anavar can have some side-effects, and there is some risk of virilization. However, most women experience little in terms of side effects other than a little deepening of the vocal chords or some body hair growth. Other side effects may occur, including clitoral enlargement, but these are exceptionally rare if the steroid is taken responsibly, in small doses and under the supervision of a qualified medical professional or a team of supplementation coaches and other experts.